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We bartend, and we are good at it. Hire us for your next function and we can prove it.  We offer a fully functional portable bar so we can come to you. Not only that - we will look after all your beverage needs - cocktails, mocktails, with plenty of wine and beer too.

 If you are after experienced bartenders who are enthusiastic, professional, accommodating and flexible - then you have come to the right place. 

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Love what we do?

(We sure do)

Book your next celebration with us.

We are confident we can meet your entertaining needs, whether it is at your house or at a hired venue.

We don't just bartend - we work with you to develop a customised menu supplied by us.  Yes, that's right - a customised menu - from 1980's cocktails, scrummy mocktails, craft beers, fine wine or a mixture of all.  We can develop cocktails just for you - maybe even named after you with your favourite ingredients.

Think about it, have you:

  • hired a venue that doesn't have a bar or supply alcohol? 

  • wanted to relax at your party, knowing you don't have to worry about quenching the thirst of your guests?

  • ever had a cocktail or drinks menu tailored specifically for you

  • hired us before? There's a first time for everything


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